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Selling or buying an apartment in Odesa is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. The transaction, whether from the buyer or seller's side, is a process that takes away three resources, two of which are simply the most valuable in the modern world: money, nerves, and time. The question is whether you are ready to continue to tolerate such losses or act more wisely - save months, personal funds, and nerve cells by turning to us.

Avalon Real Estate Agency is perhaps the ideal real estate transaction that will save on all fronts:

  • Affordable – in 94% of cases, the cost of our brokerage services is lower than most commissions of Odesa real estate centers. We are ready to offer various payment schemes and rates for our work, depending on the complexity and set of services provided.
  • Fast – we conduct urgent sales of apartments in Odesa or purchases faster than competitors.
  • Peacefully – we are competent in the field of jurisdiction, which removes a significant portion of risks associated with a lack of knowledge in real estate transaction matters from our clients.
  • Truly secure – we check legal cleanliness how others won't even think about.
  • Solving all problems – even the initial consultation will help with that.

We are not a network company, which means you will be working with a professionals, not an assistants! The average experience of our realtor in the Odesa housing market is X years.

The satisfaction level of our clients with our work exceeds 96.2%! This is the best guarantee of the quality of the company's services. Call us at 702-20-70.

Information for sellers or 6 steps to a successful apartment sale

free consultation and market assessment of property

Step One: Free consultation and market assessment of property

Call us or leave an application on our website. We will choose a convenient time for a personal consultation with our expert. They will conduct a preliminary assessment of the value of the apartment in Odesa.

conclusion of an agreement with the agency

Step Two: Conclusion of an agreement with the agency

The guarantee of a profitable deal is an official document. No one forces you to choose the "turnkey" service. Do you want only help in selling personal property? Then pay only for the specialist's visit to the object, photo shooting, and document verification. We will find buyers using more than 10 advertising channels.

It is necessary to prepare the property for sale - you have come to the right place. We do not force our clients to pay for the entire range of services. The final cost is determined based on your needs.

conducting an advertising campaign

Step Three: Conducting an advertising campaign

Our specialists will use proven and well-established communication channels: online platforms, professional real estate databases, the organization's website.

preparing the apartment for sale

Step Four: Preparing the apartment for sale

Leave all questions about privatization, shared ownership, obtaining approval from the guardianship council, nuances of unauthorized redevelopment, and other details to us. We will collect and prepare all documents, eliminate inconsistencies with current legislation.

conducting real estate shows

Step Five: Conducting real estate shows

The expert will answer calls from interested buyers, demonstrate the property at a convenient time for clients, conduct negotiations correctly, draw up a preliminary agreement, and receive an advance payment.

registration of purchase or sale

Step Six: Purchase or sale registration

Preparation, drafting, and signing of the agreement on the purchase of an apartment in Odesa, registration of ownership rights, handing over keys and property to the new owner, final settlements.

We are very flexible in our approach to our clients; we will provide exactly the service you need. Call us! We will provide free consultation!

Information for buyers

While you are thinking, your neighbors have chosen Avalon Real Estate Agency and are already moving their things to a new apartment!

With us, clients acquire new square meters 20%-30% faster in terms of time. We work in Kyivskyi, Suvorovskyi, Malynovskyi, and Prymorskyi districts (covering almost the entire city). We have 9 years of experience in brokerage services in the field of real estate buying and selling. The advertising of objects covers a maximum number of platforms, and our personal database of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in Odesa, housing with a large number of rooms, real estate in new buildings, will help you find the best option in the shortest possible time.

The first and foremost thing that a contract with our company will eliminate is the enormous amount of preliminary work that consumes a large number of energy, nerves, and time. Look for yourself, here's how we work:

  1. We will conduct a search for an apartment based on the specified parameters.

Our experts know the real estate market in Odesa. This means the company is aware of all promotional offers for apartments in new buildings, hot deals from sellers, unique properties in the historic center of the city or near the sea.

A contract is signed at the initial consultation, the purchase budget is clarified, the priorities of the transaction are set, and all the nuances of future housing are clarified. Leave the rest to us.

  1. We proceed to inspect all options.

Do not doubt, all technical indicators and other features, such as the orientation of the building, building materials, will be stated immediately. We are an honest team of professionals who value a positive business reputation.

  1. We negotiate with the seller.

After choosing a suitable option, the sides of the transaction will negotiate the price for the apartment. The "golden mean" for the seller and the buyer: how to correctly determine the cost of housing. After all, even elite apartments in Odesa, offered at reasonable prices, are sold quickly, at least within 2-3 weeks from the date of sale. Both the buyer and the seller must realistically assess the situation in the market. We will help with that!

  1. We check the legal cleanliness of the apartment.

From our side, we will address issues related to the establishment of property rights (note: if it is not a new building), up to privatization, the frequency of changing the owners of the property. We will obtain information about the number of registered individuals, the absence of potential claimants for this housing, check for arrests, prohibitions, encumbrances on the property twice: at the time of receiving the advance and concluding the deal with the notary.

Do not forget about the possible arrears for utility services and unregistered redevelopment. The solvency of the seller, the presence of diseases that may complicate the transaction, must be carefully checked. It is impossible to describe all the nuances, but overlooking details will lead to the loss of acquired property.

  1. We prepare the documents for the transaction and complete the deal by signing the contract.

You've decided to sell or buy an apartment in Odesa, but you still have questions? If you are interested in conducting the real estate transaction as advantageously and quickly as possible, call us, and you will be in reliable hands!