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Legal services

  • Legal representation in courts (civil, administrative, economic disputes);
  • Compilation of documents/contracts of any type and complexity;
  • Legalization of redevelopment/reconstruction;
  • Legalization of unauthorized construction;
  • Privatization of apartments, attics, basements;
  • Commissioning;
  • Conversion of real estate objects to non-residential/residential fund;
  • Legalization of balconies, extensions, garages;
  • Obtaining permits for construction/reconstruction;
  • Obtaining urban planning conditions and restrictions;
  • Reservation, confirmation of address;
  • Preparation of documents for real estate sale/purchase/gift transactions;
  • Land plot privatization;
  • Assistance in registering property rights for land;
  • Assignment of cadastral number;
  • Extraction from the property rights registry;
  • Normative and expert evaluation.


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