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Buying an Apartment in Odesa in a New Building means improving the quality of life. It is important to consider all aspects: living area, type of new building, layout, cost, and even the view from the window.

To combine all these criteria, the buyer needs information that should be studied and analyzed to make the right choice.

Avalon Real Estate Agency will provide you with a complete database of under-construction and completed projects. In our catalog, you can find all new buildings in different areas of the city with photos, technical descriptions, and prices.

Our specialists will help you choose the optimal option that satisfies both in terms of price and comfort level.

Why you should buy apartments in new buildings

Apartments in new buildings in Odesa differ from secondary real estate with a modern approach to organizing living space. New residential complexes offer:

  • Interesting layouts.
  • Energy-saving technologies and new engineering communications.
  • Well-organized adjacent territory.
  • Own infrastructure.
  • Parking availability.

Our agency will find you an apartment that you can buy on installment terms at the developer's price.

Cost of apartments in new buildings

Prices for apartments in new buildings in Odesa are differentiated and depend on the class of the new building. It is determined by the level of comfort of living in a particular residential complex. Sometimes, developers artificially raise the class of the house and the cost per square meter of area. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully assess the housing by its "class belonging."

According to the classification of new buildings proposed by the Ukrainian Construction Association,

primary real estate on the market can be divided into 4 segments:

  • premium class
  • business class
  • comfort class
  • economy class

The gradation is based on key characteristics that ensure convenience, aesthetics, and safety of living:

  • Location - the district and microdistrict of the city, proximity to the center and the sea.
  • Architectural project, external attractiveness, and facade finishing.
  • Construction technology - brickwork, monolithic frame, block frame, or panel construction, materials for insulation and soundproofing.
  • Improvement of common areas, finishing of halls, and floor corridors.
  • Layout, living area size, number of bathrooms, presence of balconies and loggias, auxiliary rooms.
  • Engineering support - number and quality of elevators, presence of fire safety means, autonomous heating, reserve water supply, and power supply.
  • Improvement of the adjacent territory, presence of a closed zone, children's and sports grounds, recreational areas.
  • Parking spaces, underground parking.
  • Own infrastructure on the ground floor of the building.

Apartments of the comfort class are the most balanced in terms of cost and living comfort. The most popular are economy class apartments. Buying an apartment in Odesa in an economy-class new building can be done at the most affordable prices.

Belonging to a specific class of residential complex depends on the developer and location. Sometimes, economy class housing exceeds the comfort criteria, while business class, on the contrary, does not meet the requirements. Comparing them based on key parameters allows us to find a higher-class option at a lower price.

How to buy an apartment without risks

You can purchase real estate on the primary market in three ways:

  • Buy a new apartment in Odesa in a building under construction from the developer.
  • Buy property in a new building after it is commissioned.
  • Buy property in a new building from the owner.

When buying property at the construction stage, you become an investor, not an owner. The most favorable investment conditions are at the initial stage of construction. The higher the degree of readiness of the house, the higher the cost per square meter. The opportunity to buy new apartments in under-construction buildings at a low price attracts many buyers.

This method of purchase is risky due to fraudulent schemes by developers. To avoid losing your money, you need to:

  • Check the reputation of the developer.
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of prices.
  • Visit the construction site and evaluate the pace of construction work.
  • Check the statutory and permitting documents of the developer for construction.
  • Conclude a contract with a target fund in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

Some developers conclude direct agreements for the sale of property rights, which are not defined by the Law on Investments and are not considered by the court.

Buying an apartment in newly constructed buildings is always associated with risks. Therefore, it is safer to purchase housing from the developer after it is commissioned. However, the cost will be significantly higher.

Developer or Realtor. Which option is more profitable?

The sale of apartments in new buildings in Odesa is carried out through sales departments or real estate agencies. If you are tied to a specific property, you can immediately contact the developer.

If you want to find the optimal option for investment, agency employees will provide information about the rating and image of the developer, check approvals for technical documentation, and advise on the subject and conditions of the contract.

Avalon Real Estate Agency collaborates with all major construction companies in the city, which have proven themselves as reliable partners - SK "Budova," SK "KADORR Group," SK "Gefest." With the help of our real estate database, you can view new buildings in any area of the city and save time on selecting options based on specified criteria.

We will provide information about discounts, promotions, and installment plans from the developer for houses that have been commissioned.

With our help, you can quickly purchase an apartment in a new building that suits you in all criteria.