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On August 8, 2008, in Odesa, at the address 66 Academician Zabolotny, the first branch of Avalon Real Estate Agency was opened.

To date, the company's geography has expanded, and Avalon can meet the needs of clients in any area of the city!

In the Peresypsky district, there are 4 branches, one branch in the Kiev district, and one more in the Primorsky district, making it easier to buy an apartment in Odesa!

Developing in all areas of real estate, the team of Professionals in the new buildings department is working: here you can familiarize yourself with all the offers of construction companies in the city of Odesa and make a profitable purchase! There are even better and more qualitative offers!

The founders of Avalon Real Estate Agency are a strong family couple. The professionalism they acquired on the path from ordinary realtors to the founders motivates the agency's employees to improve their professional skills and enhance the quality of work every day.


The main principles of the founders' family policy are as follows:


  • We invest experience and soul into the business we are engaged in.
  • Our employees constantly strive for self-improvement, just like we do.
    • In our company, every realtor has the potential to become a branch director, and we will do everything to help them achieve this.
    • Our clients are our partners and friends with whom we share the best of what we have gained over the years of real estate market development.


    The opening date was not chosen by chance. The number "8" brings success and financial prosperity. The name, on the other hand, originates from the myths of ancient England. According to one version, Avalon was a mythical island where dreams come true. According to another, it was a city ruled by King Arthur, who brought the country long-awaited unity, peace, and prosperity.


    Welcome to Avalon - the real estate agency where the dreams of Odesa residents and guests come true!


    «AVALON»: The Art of Real Estate Management!


    Today, the range of services provided by  the real estate agency in Odesa Avalon is truly unique: the decision to buy an apartment in Odesa is implemented here in full scope - from the development of the idea to its complete realization.  

    Real professionals, a range of exclusive programs, official partnership relations with the most reliable developers in Odesa, flexible pricing policy - all this allows us to maintain stable development in the real estate market in Odesa and the region. The most advantageous offers for purchase and sale of apartments and offices, land plots and houses, real estate from industrial and commercial categories will be offered to you only in the Avalon Real Estate Agency!

    A specially trained team of professionals will help you carry out any real estate transaction - buying, selling, exchanging, and evaluating. Close cooperation with construction companies allows us to solve issues related to installment payments, stage-by-stage payments, which for many agencies are considered insoluble. The main principle of our work is that there is nothing impossible for us.

    Thanks to the fact that new buildings in Odesa are added to our database every day, so we offer optimal solutions in every individual case. Saving time and money for our partners and clients, we build long-term relationships. We value our reputation and work on the company's image: we are known, people work with us, we are recommended to friends and family.

    For thousands of clients, selling or buying an apartment in Odesa is not an easy fateful step. Some of them hesitate when choosing an agency, many are not sure about their choice of real estate, and most doubt the safety of the transaction. Avalon Real Estate Agency helps fulfill the cherished dream and guarantees absolute safety in any real estate transactions. Our legal department carefully monitors the history of the offered real estate in Odesa and ensures complete transparency of the transaction.

    If you wish to buy a one-bedroom apartment in Odesa or if you have doubts about your choice, if you are already confused about prices and square meters, or if you just need advice - we will always welcome you and gladly help! Conveniently located offices and a welcoming team of employees are always at your service. We will listen, prepare a cup of coffee, and in a family atmosphere, discuss all possible solutions. Today, in the era of rapid information rush, we sometimes lack time to stop and think about the main things: about home, peace, and happiness.

    In complex legal matters and professional analysis, employees of our agency will always come to the rescue, showing resourcefulness and originality in fulfilling your dream.