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Выражаю благодарность агенству " Авалон" за проведенную сделку по покупке квартиры. От работы Ольги с филиала Сах,24, остались только положительные впечатления. Все было сделано на высоком профессиональном уровне. Желаю компании дальнейших успехов и благополучия.


Why some can't sell, while others can't buy

Real Estate in Odesa, from a market perspective, is a liquid commodity that can change ownership multiple times. Its only distinction is the absence of a real trading platform.

Just like any market, there are two sides of the process here. The seller, who needs to sell profitably, and the buyer, who needs to buy advantageously. And, as in any market, the concept of advantage has the opposite meaning.

Searching for and selling real estate in Odesa is like a puzzle that may not come together, and the buyer and seller may never intersect or come to an agreement with each other.

Avalon Real Estate Agency offers one service – solving the client's housing problem. Our job is to save your time, nerves, and provide insurance against fraud in this market.

Pitfalls in real estate

Can you sell or buy real estate in Odesa on your own? Of course, you can. It is desirable for the seller to be a professional marketer, and the buyer to be psychologically stable, experienced, and legally knowledgeable.

Answer these questions for yourself before deciding to handle the buying-selling process independently:

  • Can you sell, not just showcase your real estate?
  • Are you ready to welcome everyone who called about the ad into your home?
  • Are you ready to view all "inexpensive and in good condition" apartments?
  • Can you resist the persuasions of professionals on the opposite side?
  • Do you know what the notary is responsible for, and what remains in the realm of your risks?
  • Do you know that a deposit, even notarially certified, can be disputed in court and not be returned?
  • Can you ensure a secure transaction?

Our real estate agency in Odesa helps clients navigate potential pitfalls to achieve their goals.

Why we sell quickly and profitably

Many believe a realtor's work is simply about connecting sellers and buyers and preparing documents. This is not the case. Our agency's work doesn't start with showcasing a property.

In the market, there are many similar offers, and your property is not unique. Selling real estate in Odesa is a process that requires professional marketers, negotiators, and psychologists.

What our work entails:

1. For Property Sellers:

  • Preparing the property for sale, highlighting its advantages and capturing it through professional photo shoots.
  • Determining market value, considering market conditions in each city district.
  • Agreeing on the selling strategy – achieving the maximum price or a quick sale.
  • Conducting marketing efforts, creating persuasive texts, and placing them on various media and online platforms.
  • Handling incoming calls, organizing viewings, and emphasizing key features to potential buyers.
  • Providing consultation and assistance in preparing a pre-sale legal papers, considering document validity.
  • Signing a preliminary agreement with a buyer, defining responsibilities in case of a breach, and formalizing the deposit.
  • Engaging our legal department for expert property evaluation and the creation of sale-purchase agreements.
  • Advising clients on expenses related to state registration and taxation in accordance with current legislation.
  • Offering transaction support, verifying payments, and accompanying clients in bank if needed.
  • Finalizing the property transfer document with a buyer.

2. For Property Buyers:

Selling a property is considerably more challenging than buying. However, purchasing real estate in Odesa also presents difficulties, mainly due to the lack of applying a systematic approach by the buyer, a shortage of information, and unclear priorities.

Our realtors excel in asking the right questions and determining criteria that are genuinely top priority. As a result, the search boundaries expand, and clients achieve their desired results quickly.

Activities we undertake:

  • Selecting options, creating descriptions and photo reports, providing them to the client for review.
  • Accompanying clients on property viewings.
  • Negotiating with sellers, advocating for the client's interests.
  • Verifying property title documents and ownership history, minimizing the possibility of third-party disputes.
  • Ensuring there are no outstanding utility payments.
  • Creating, if necessary, additional agreements, whereby all individuals registered in the property commit to moving out within a specified period.
  • Checking for no business registrations at this address.
  • Drafting a deposit agreement. In case the deal falls through due to the seller's fault, it will be returned to the client.
  • Guiding the transaction until the signing of the property transfer document.

If you are interested in real estate in Odesa directly from the owner, you can use our information database without paying commission fees. All property sellers on our website are verified by the legal department.

Our services – your advantage in the competitive market

Our agency's staff has passed professional training and knows what, where, when, and most importantly, how to sell, buy, and process real estate.

Why it's advantageous to work with us:

  • If you are looking for apartments in Odesa, you can quickly and effortlessly resolve your housing issues with us. We handle all activities related to property search and transaction processing.
  • You collaborate with just one agency. Our information database covers all city districts and property types. We successfully sell not only apartments but also houses in Odesa, commercial real estate, and land plots.
  • You save time by not having to sift through media advertisements, 80% of which are fake.
  • You receive professional support in price negotiation.
  • You can be confident in your safety at all transaction stages – from meeting clients to fund transfer.
  • You get legal support, document verification, and preparation, as well as advice on various nuances that arise during the buying-selling process.
  • You can purchase new buildings in Odesa at the developer's price without commission costs. We collaborate with reputable construction companies such as SK Budova, SK Gefest, Kador-Group.

Our work and terms are absolutely transparent. You can always visit our office for a personal discussion or consultation. The client agreement specifies the property sale period and the amount of our commission, which we only receive upon completing the deal.

Reach out to our agency, and your real estate issues will be resolved quickly and advantageously for you. Every successful deal is our reputation, which we value.