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The construction sector in Odesa is developed like nowhere else in Ukraine: to see this, it's enough to look at the number of new houses being built in all areas of the city, ready to offer housing for any budget - from small one-bedroom apartments in residential areas to spacious apartments in the city center. The popularity that Odesa's new buildings have gained among buyers is easily explained by:


1. All new buildings in Odesa feature modern improved layouts, including spacious kitchens, balconies, and large windows that allow in a lot of light. Similar properties on the secondary market cannot boast such living conditions, considering the Soviet architects' penchant for irrational use of space with miniature kitchens and corridors.

2. The legal cleanliness of each new building in Odesa guarantees you no problems with the apartment (housing from private owners may come with the pack of unfinished real estate deals, legal disputes, and other negative aspects).

3. Modern infrastructure, including spacious parking near the building (some developers offer to purchase a separate space in a covered parking lot for an additional fee), as well as a 24-hour supermarket, pharmacy, and playground.

4. New communications - this is what distinguishes the delivered new buildings in Odesa advantageously from seemingly attractive options in old residential buildings. You don't have to worry about wiring burning out due to overload or pipes bursting, leaving the entire building without water for a whole day.

5. The opportunity to purchase housing in installments makes the primary market more attractive: the buyer can choose a stage-by-stage payment system for a period of 1 to 5 years and move into a new apartment after the first payment.

6. The homogeneous social environment of new buildings eliminates any concerns that new neighbors will be an unfortunate family or a noisy group of students. Typically, those who can afford to buy new buildings in Odesa are established individuals: in-demand professionals, successful businessmen, and young families. These categories of residents tend to value their own and others' living comfort.



Cost of apartments in new buildings



The price of housing depends primarily on the area of the city and the availability of developed infrastructure. Secondly, the cost is influenced by the area of the apartment and the layout (one-bedroom apartment will be several thousand dollars cheaper than more spacious options), as well as the presence of repairs and amenities. But it is worth remembering: often, even the most necessary plumbing is absent in properties for sale, not to mention the finishing of the floor and walls. This feature can be considered a plus since new owners can renovate to their taste without wasting time on dismantling old structures.



Are there downsides to new buildings?


Yes, but only one: if you conclude a deal at the construction stage, the chances of its successful completion on time will inevitably be less than 100% - unforeseen circumstances can always arise. Moreover, not every developer can guarantee that the new buildings in Odesa will be implemented in the form they were executed in visualization programs. Avalon Real Estate Agency collaborates only with proven construction organizations that have implemented many successful projects and have established themselves as responsible performers. If you don't want to wait for the construction to finish for a year or two, and the question of time is a top priority for you, we offer you already delivered new buildings in Odesa - the cost of Odesa real estate in such houses is higher than in under construction, but you can move into new housing immediately after the transaction is completed.


The specialization of Avalon Real Estate Agency is not only the sale of apartments in new buildings but also working with the secondary market, as well as legal support for the transaction and the services of a real estate appraiser. We have been successfully working on the Odesa market since 2008 and have a wide base of properties, which is replenished daily. Contact to us with any questions; our realtors and lawyers will respond promptly and comprehensively!