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The category of commercial real estate includes various objects, such as:

  • Company offices in separate buildings;
  • Shops and pavilions;
  • Offices in business centers.

Commercial real estate in Odesa has always been expensive. The cost is influenced by:

  1. Location. The closer to the center, the more expensive.
  2. Frontage on central streets. If the facade of an office or store faces a busy street, it increases the property's value.
  3. Presence of renovations. This is a general rule for all properties, not just commercial ones.
  4. Area and layout. The convenience of office placement, shape, and similar factors.

When choosing and determining the cost of each specific object, all of the above must be taken into account.

Real Estate in Odesa as investment

Commercial real estate in Odesa is a reasonable investment. You can always rent a shop or office, even if you don't plan to start your own business. Prices for trade and service objects are not as subject to fluctuations as the market for residential real estate. In times of economic growth, you can increase your capital by acquiring commercial property, and in times of market stagnation, simply preserve it. In any case, the idea to buy commercial real estate in Odesa will always be a reasonable one.

Services of Avalon Real Estate Agency:

Our real estate agency offers various commercial properties in different areas of the city. If you are interested in buying or selling commercial real estate in Odesa, we are pleased to offer our services. These include:

  1. Information about the property for sale on the website. Our website is very popular in the Odesa real estate segment. On the site's pages, you can see ads of various themes: land for sale in Odesa, offers for houses for sale in the Odesa region and the city, and, of course, commercial real estate.
  2. Customer search. If you are selling a store or office, we will help find a buyer. In the case where you need to purchase commercial real estate, we will offer various options, taking into account the planned budget.
  3. Transaction support. After the required property is found, and the parties agree on the price, our company's lawyers will check all documents, help prepare the necessary certificates and extracts. We edit the sales contract to ensure compliance with current legislation and reflect your interests.
  4. Presence at the conclusion of the sale-purchase transaction. Our specialists can be present directly at the notary's office, ensuring that both the contract signing process and the money transfer go perfectly.

In all matters related to buying and selling commercial real estate, Avalon Real Estate Agency has vast experience and is always ready to help and support its clients. With us, you can profitably buy or sell real estate in Odesa.

Call or come to us! We will answer all possible questions in the field of the Odesa real estate market.