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Currently, one-bedroom apartments are particularly popular in the market: such housing is ideal for starting independent life for an individual or a young family. The market offers a variety of options - from modest choices in Khrushchyovkas to real estate in elite new buildings. If you've decided to buy a one-bedroom apartment in Odesa at a reasonable price but don't want to spend time searching for a suitable option and handling the purchase process, we suggest using the services of Avalon Real Estate Agency! The benefits of working with us include a large database of properties in all city areas, responsible realtors, knowledgeable lawyers, and full support for your transaction from the moment you contanct us until you receive the keys to your new property!

Advantages of a one-bedroom apartment

Even a compact one-bedroom apartment in Odesa can be an excellent start to independent living away from relatives, so many buyers consider not only options on the primary market but also budget housing in residential areas directly from the owner.

Additionally, some buyers see such a purchase as an investment for the future: behind many "buying a one-bedroom apartment in Odesa" ads, there's not a search for personal housing but a desire to invest money in real estate with subsequent resale or rental (long-term or daily). For such a significant tourist center like our city, this investment seems more than reasonable.

For many buyers, one-bedroom apartments in Odesa can also be an intermediate option before buying a more spacious one: later, such housing is sold, the buyer adds the necessary amount, and purchases a two-bedroom option.

Nuances of buying an apartment

Before starting the search for a suitable property, the buyer needs to decide what type of housing interests them - new or secondary. The advantage of the first option can be considered new communications, improved layout, legal cleanliness, and the possibility of purchasing on installment - often, this factor is decisive in the choice. Today, construction has started on several residential complexes in the sleeping and central districts of the city - RC Yantarny in Odesa, RC Ostrova, RC Ideal 2, and many others.

Secondary 1-bedroom apartments in Odesa, in turn, can be a great choice because of of a residential building, an area with developed infrastructure and a cheaper cost due to the age of the housing.

Do you have questions about purchasing a one- or two-bedroom apartment? Call one of our branches or send a question to the email address Our real estate agency specializes in services such as selling one-bedroom apartments in Odesa, assistance in purchasing, and legal support of the transaction. Avalon branches are located in several areas of the city, high-class specialists work in the staff, and the property database is updated daily with the best offers. Our principles of work are maximum efficiency in business, constant professional growth, and care for each client!